artandwords (artandwords) wrote in dogtrainers,

Newfoundland Advice

Has anyone or does anyone own a Newfie? There's one at the shelter where i volunteer and he's a beauty. A huge, black boy. He listens well when told to sit and listens most of the time when told to lay down, so I know he's had previous training. Most likely he was given up because of his size. He IS huge. But he seems okay. I've actually never seen him out of his kennel. I'll try walking him Monday in the play area.

But I wanted to know if they are easy to train? And how they are with other animals? I know it barks at strangers but didin't bark at this one dog that got too close to his kennel, so maybe he's okay with dogs? Or at least other big dogs? The woman who works there said that he wasn't aggressive, just shy (thus the barking whenever you got close to his kennel). I realized this because he seemed mean but wanted to make sure so I showed him a treat (these chicken flavored dog treats) and told him to sit (to see if he knew how) and he instantly did it. I tried getting him to lay down. I just said down and he plopped on down. Now he'll bark at others (still a problem) but whenever he sees me he never barks and just sits. :) So that's how I found out he knew commands and loved food lol.

But any help you can give for a hopefully gentle giant would be much appreciated.
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