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About the Newfoundland I posted about earlier...

  Okay a few days ago I posted about the newfie mix at the shelter. Well today i took him out. Boy does he love to run. And he loves charging towards you, not threateningly, but still it is with his size. He's a sweet boy though. You need to use a firm and dominant voice with him though, no baby talk. The only time that works is when you pat your legs for him to come here.

Bad thing though. Once I had my back turned towards him. I turned around just in time to see him charging at me. I tried moving but of course my reaction to something coming towards me is always freezing. I did that and he knocked me over. I heard a cracking sound as I fell and knew it came from my foot. I know he was just playing. Rather roughly because he hasn't been out of that kennel much. And he even seemed sorry because he whined when I fell. But then he continued running around. This was in the play area though so it was fine.

Now i'm at home and my ankle hurts. Sort of like the tired feet feeling, but has pains when I move the foot in a circle. Suffice to say i only walked one more dog after that incident because my ankle. Don't worry nothing's broken and I definitely didn't yell at him. Like I said it wasn't his fault.

Oh and we also got another Newfie in, he's younger by 2 years at age 3, but just as big. Though he's beautiful I don't think i would be able to control Gunner (the one that ran me over). I mean if he was able to run every day i'm sure he'd be manageable but he just charges at you. Anyone know why he does this? Maybe a fun game of " i tag you you tag me"?

UPDATE: well my foot is tender now. When I touch a certain spot it hurts and hurts a bit when i walk which causes me to limp a bit.
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