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dogtrainers's Journal

Dog Trainers
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    This community was established in the wake of the original dogtrainers to pick up where it left off, as a place for canine trainers, psychologists and behaviorists to discuss related topics. We welcome all dog enthusiasts and encourage lively debate and discussion as well as questions and problem solving tactics.

    Please keep in mind that serious animal or training and behavior related issues need to be addressed by a professional in person. While we have many professional dog handlers, trainers, psychologists and behaviorists here, there is no safe or ethical way to diagnose or resolve severe issues over the internet.


    Here at dogtrainers we oppose the irresponsible practices of backyard breeding, puppy milling and purchasing companion animals from businesses that enable these operations to continue. We support the responsible breeding of health-tested, championed and temperament proven dogs by reputable breeders and the adopting of rescue or shelter animals.  We do not tolerate discrimination against any breed, type or species of animal; we all know fault lies in owner responsibility.

    Anyone who wishes to contact the moderators, for any reason, is encouraged to do so by commenting to the open post in dogmodstoo . All comments are screened for your privacy.



~* Friendly debate is encouraged. Outright rudeness and general disrespect is not.
~* Any and all topics related to canine behavior, training or psychology are welcome. Other topics are best posted and discussed elsewhere.
~* It's considered good form to utilize the lj cut when posting large or multiple pictures. It is not necessary to cut text posts.
~* Keep in mind that you are posting in an online internet forum where opposing opinions are allowed and open discussion and debate is encouraged.
~* Posts and comments made solely for the purpose of inciting drama will result in a gag or a ban for the author.
~* Deleting posts or comments for reasons other than editing or similar mistakes will result in a gag or a ban for the author.


~* Warn: Cautionary advice preceding further action.
~* Gag: Temporary ban instated for a specified amount of time. Once a gag is lifted, participation within the community is permitted.
~* Ban: Permanent removal from participation within the community. A ban is non negotiable and non refundable.


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